Police Story : Case 1-Night Owls Movie Review

Police Story Case 1 - Night Owls Movie Review
  • Movie: Police Story : Case 1-Night Owls
  • Starring: Sridhar Maganti, Shwetha Avasthi, Temper Vamsi, Mukthar Khan, Prathana Nathan, Madhavan and others
  • Release Date: July 28, 2023
  • Rating: 2.75/5
  • Director: Ram Vignesh
  • Producer: Suresh Krissna
  • Music Director: Meenakshi Bhujang
  • Cinematographer: B. L. Sanjay
  • Editor: Richie

Police Story: Case 1-Night Owls is an OTT film, released on ETV Win. The movie is directed by Ram Vignesh, and produced by Suresh Krissna. Here is our review for the film.


Aarthi (Shwetha Avasthi) is a software employee, working in an organisation owned by a minister. She is the ex-wife of Shiva (Srinath Maganti), an ACP. One day a murder occurs in Aarthi’s office. Shiva is under suspension at that time. So, ACP Riyaz (Temper Siva) is entered to the scene and trying to solve it. But, Shiva is also arrives at the crime scene to handle the investigation. Who is the accust? Why was Shiva suspended from his duties? What is the motive of ghe murder? What actually happened in the office? All these answers will be revealed in the movie.


The film have a good storyline, and a neat direction. Temper Vamsi’s character, with its intriguing grey shades, is well-executed. The perfomance of Shwetha Avasthi is decent, and other cast is also providing a satisfactory performance.


The climax could be handled in a suspenseful way to make it interesting. Soundtracks are also have more importance in a crime-thriller movie. So, it could be improved.

Some unnecessary scenes in the first half can be removed. It can improve the overall performance.

Technical Excellence

Ram Vignesh (writer and director) handles the film skillfully. The cinematography and production is standard, but, the editor can be trimmed some unnecessary scenes.