Slum Dog Husband Movie Review

Slum Dog Husband Review
  • Movie: Slum Dog Husband (2023)
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Banner: Mic Movies
  • Cast: Sanjay Rao, Pranavi Manukonda, Brahmaji, Saptagiri, Raghu Karumanchi, Yadamma Raju, Muralidhar Goud and others
  • Music: Bheems Ceciroleo
  • Producer: Appireddy and Venkat Annapareddy
  • Directed by: A R Sreedhar
  • Release Date: July 29, 2023

Sanjay Rrao's comdey drama movie 'Slum Dog Husband' is hit theatres today. Here is our review.


Lachi (Sanjay Rrao) and Mounika (Pranavi Manukonda) loves each other deeply. A priest advises Lachu to marry a dog first. So, their plans take an unexpected turn. It will rectify the doshas in his horoscope. Lachu truts in fate. So she goes ahead and marries the dog called Baby (Rakhi), before marrying Mounika. But their happiness is short-lived, as a legal case is filed against Lachu. What is the case? Who filed it? What happened next? Did Lachu marry Mounika eventually? The movie will tell the answers.

Technical Excellence

AR Sreedhar manages to make the film decent, but it will give better result, if the screenplay could improved. The other songs are not much impressive, except the retro track. However, Bheems Ceciroleo’s score stands out. The editing work is good, and rinivas J Reddy’s cinematography is satisfactory.


The film have a good and unique story. Sanjay Rrao makes a neet perfomance, and Pranavi Manukonda's performance is fine. The unexpected transformation of Raju Yadav's character in the second half is well-executed. The supporting cast us also impressive.


The film hasn't utilised actors like Brahmaji and Sapthagiri, and it is affecting the overall outcome. Emotional scenes could have been better portrayed, relying less on the background score.