Ashwin Babu's Next Movie is Titled 'Vachinavadu Goutham'

Vachinavadu Goutham Furst Look Poster Releasaed

After the release of Hidimba, actor Ashwin Baby is back with the announcement of his new project. His recent movie hHidimba was directed by Anil Kanneganti.

Today, the title and first look of his upcoming movie has been released. The movie is titled 'Vachinavadu Goutham'. The first look poster is also raises the curiosity of his fans. Ashwin seen with an angry face and holding a stethoscope tightly, with his fist covered in blood.

Vachinavadu Gaoutham is billed as a medical thriller, and the movie is produced by Aluri Suresh, under the banner Shanmukha Pictures.