Unveiling the Mystery: Why Salaar Earned an 'A' Certificate - Producer Reveals Impactful Choices and Audience Attraction

Why Salaar Got an 'A' Certificate?

Vijay Kiragandur, the mastermind behind Salaar, engages with Bollywood media to share insights into the film's unique aspects. The choice of December 22, driven by astrological considerations, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

While anticipating a U/A certificate to cater to a family audience, Kiragandur reveals the unexpected A (Adults Only) certification. Shedding light on this decision, he explains, "The Censor Board highlighted a shift in rules, leading us to accept the A certification. Salaar earned this rating due to its gripping action sequences, devoid of any vulgarity."

Kiragandur elaborates on the deliberations with the CBFC, stating, "Suggestions were made for U/A cuts, but director Neel stood firm. Toning down certain scenes crucial to portraying the intense character development of a violent man would compromise their impact. A parallel success story, Animal, also secured an A certificate, prompting stakeholders to embrace the decision. They believe the A rating will attract a broader audience, contributing to the film's success."