Abraham Ozler Review: Unraveling Thrills with Jayaram in Midhun Manuel Thomas' Latest Malayalam Film

Abraham Ozler Review

Presenting the latest cinematic venture by director Midhun Manuel Thomas, the highly anticipated thriller "Abraham Ozler" follows the success of the 2020 film Anjaam Pathiraa. Leading the cast is the versatile Jayaram, making his second appearance in a Malayalam film in the past five years, creating a buzz among his fans eager to witness his performance in this intriguing movie. Discover more about "Abraham Ozler" and delve into the captivating storyline.

Unveiling the Plot of Abraham Ozler

In "Abraham Ozler," Jayaram takes on the role of a sleep-deprived cop, Abraham Ozler, who harbors a belief that there's no place for individuals like him, not even in hell. The narrative takes a riveting turn when Ozler is handed a challenging case that proves to be elusive. The film unfolds a meticulous police investigation under Jayaram's character, interwoven with a compelling twist in the storyline.

The Inspirational Origin of the Title

Director Midhun Manuel Thomas shares that the title Ozler pays homage to the renowned Canadian physician William Osler, often hailed as the Father of Modern Medicine. Initially, the film reveals a poignant backstory, narrating how Abraham Ozler's father, a doctor, named his son after his favorite physician. The father aspired for his son to follow in the footsteps of becoming a doctor, adding an emotional layer to the narrative.

Meet the Cast of Abraham Ozler

Boasting an ensemble cast, "Abraham Ozler" features talented actors such as Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Senthil Krishna, and Jagadeesh, among others. The film's musical score is crafted by Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana fame, Midhun Mukundan. The cinematography and editing are skillfully handled by Theni Eswar and Shameer Muhammed, respectively. Notably, the film is expected to include a special cameo appearance by the iconic Mammootty, as hinted in a glimpse where he cryptically mentions "Devil’s alternative".

As "Abraham Ozler" unfolds its gripping narrative, audiences can anticipate a thrilling experience filled with suspense, stellar performances, and a nod to the legacy of modern medicine's founding figure, William Osler. Stay tuned for an enthralling cinematic journey with "Abraham Ozler".