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Checkout these Beautiful thoughts on Love in English and Hindi. Find some Nice thoughts on love and friendship. Also checkout some inspirational quotes about love and relationships.

my heart is ever at your service.

respect her like your mother, protect her like a daughter and love her like a wife.

i love you not only for what you are, but for what i am when i am with you.

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love is the silent saying and saying of a single name.

love is the most beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn and most painful thing to lose.

real men don’t love the most beautiful girl in the world. they love the girl who can make their world the most beautiful.

Love thoughts for him :

love is the great miracle cure. loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

you make my heart smile.

i hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with.

i just want to have a place in your heart like you have a place in mine.

nothing is better than having someone as your lover and your best friend.

Love thoughts for girlfriend :

the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.

i don’t need to see the sun again. there is enough light in your eyes to light up all the world.

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you came into my life and became it.

you are my favorite reason to lose sleep.

when i see you, my eyes turn into little hearts.

Some beautiful thoughts on love and friendship :

good friends are like diamonds. precious and rare.

our friendship taught me love.

friendship adds love and warmth mixed with happiness to make our life complete.

a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together.