Best thoughts for Friends – Sweet, Short, Beautiful, Happy, Sayings

Checkout these best thoughts for friends in English. Find short best friends quotes that make you cry. Also discover some sweet thoughts for friends.

the older i get, the more i realize that my mom is the best friend i’ve ever had.

your kind of friendship it takes more than caring to be a real friend; the nature of friendship requires a blend.of warmest compassion and love, deep and true to reach and to comfort the way that you do. that’s why i’m so grateful because i can see that your kind of friendship is priceless to me.

dear best friend, please stay in my life forever because, you’re one of the best things to ever happen to me love,me.

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good friend knows all your best stories. a best friend has lived them with you.

a best friend is like a four leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have.

friends are the people you hang out with once in a while. best friends are the ones you can barely go a day without seeing.

the best relationships start off as friendships first.

Best thoughts for friends in Hindi :

आज एक अच्छा दोस्त है उसे किसी भी दर्पण की जरुरत नहीं है।

ऊपर वाला जिन्हें खून के रिश्ते में बांधना भूल जाता है, उन्हें सच्चे मित्र बनाकर अपनी भूल सुधार लेता है।

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जिसके पास एक अच्छा दोस्त है उसे किसी भी दर्पण की जरुरत नहीं है।

अगर आप अपने मित्र को आपकी सफलता से ईर्ष्या करता हुआ पाते हैं, तो समझ ले वह कभी भी आपका सच्चा मित्र नहीं था।

सच्चा दोस्त वही होता है जो तब हमारा साथ देता है, जब सब साथ छोड़ देते हैं।

किसी पर भरोसा करो तो आखरी सांस तक करो या तो एक सच्चा दोस्त पाओगे या तो एक अच्छी शिक्षा।

Sweet and best thoughts for Friends :

i wish you a happy healthy and rewarding new year. my thoughts are with you i hope you’ll always remember how much our friendship means to me.

a best friend is someone who loves you when you have forgotten how to love yourself.

sweet friendships refresh the soul,and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of god’s presence.

don’t believe everything you think.

a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

friends make life a little sweeter.

friendship…it’s a package of feelings. nobody can make it, nobody can break it, nobody can explain it. we can only feel it.

the great thing about new friends is that, they bring new energy to your soul.

good friends care for each other, close friends understand each other, but true friends stay forever, beyond words, beyond distance and beyond time.

strangers think i’m quiet. my friends think i’m out-going. my best friends know that i’m completely insane.