Cute Goodnight Quotes for her – Sweet, Beautiful, Best, Lovely, Romantic

Checkout these sweet, beautiful and cute goodnight quotes for her. Find something sweet to say goodnight and some cute ways to say goodnight over text for lovers.

wash your face and wash your feet! now it’s time to fall asleep.your eyes are weak and mouth can’t hope this night shall be nice and sweet.good night.

my girl, i am sending you lots of hugs, a blow of kisses, and, cuddles and more, just to show that i love you so much, just to show that i am missing your touch i love you, wish you a lovely night.

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i wish my only dream comes true, as i want to wake up next to you, i hope that happens soon, till then have a lovely night, as i wish you good night.

close your eyes, think about the moments we spent together, take your blanket and your pillow, rest your head on the pillow and sleep tight.good night and sweet dreams.

off to my land of dreams and fantasies, good night and sweet dreams.

think of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow! good night!

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Beautiful goodnight quotes for her :

no matter if the sky is black or blue, no matter if there are stars or moon, as long as your heart is true sweet dreams will always be with you.good night.

the moon that sparkles up the sky, makes you look so very high, night is the time to ponder a bit, so that you be prepared for it, new challenges of the dawn, have a lovely night, keep dreaming and sleep tight.

i love you, i hope this message is already enough to make you smile and dream of me tonight.sweet dreams! good night.

a shinning angel stands beside your silky bed, calling your nice name so softly, throwing flowers on you and saying good night and sweet dreams.

good night my love know that you are everything, and i love you from the depths of my heart.sweet dreams.

i must get my beauty rest….see you in the morning.good night.

Sweet and cute goodnight quotes for her :

good night friends have a blessed night in the lord sweet dreams.

i have never felt so lonely like this, all i can think about is  giving you a kiss.such is the blissful effect of our love on me, that all i do is miss you dearly.good night.

you have created some sort of a magic in my life day and night i keep thinking about you in the night, i miss you too baby wish you were with me it would be like a stay.good night to you!

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