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Checkout these Cute Quotes about Life Lessons for Facebook. Find some best funny quotes of all time and some sayings about life lessons.

in three words, i can sum up everything i’ve learned about life: ‘it goes on’.

live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.

life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

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happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

being happy doesn’t mean life’s perfect. it means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

everyday is a second chance.

Best quotes about Life Lessons :

sometimes, painful things can teach us lessons that we didn’t think we needed to know.

best advice in two lines… silence is the best answer for all questions. smiling is the best reaction in all situations.

never sacrifice three things : your family, your heart or your dignity.

no matter who tries to teach lessons about life, you won’t understand it until you go through it on your own.

there are two types of pains. one that hurts you and the other that changes you.

Life lesson quotes and sayings about relationships :

if someone seriously wants to be a part of your life, they will seriously make an effort to be in it. no reasons, no excuses.

when you fully trust someone without any doubt, you finally get one of two results : a person for life or a lesson for life.

never trust someone that let you down more than 2 times. once was a warning, twice was a lesson and anything more than that is taking advantage.

a true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. no secrets and no lies.

no matter how hard things may seem, there’s always something good coming around the corner.

Positive Funny quotes about life lessons Facebook :

difference between school and life ? school teaches you lessons and then gives you a gives you a test and you learn the lessons.

i asked life. ‘why are you so difficult’  ? life smiled and said, ‘ you people never appreciate easy things’.

the elevator to success is out of order. you will have to use the step at a time.

the problem is not the problem. the problem is your attitude about the problem.

dear karma, i have a list of people you missed.