Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter – Famous quotes about fathers

Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter: Check out these famous father daughter relationship quotes in both English and Hindi. Also find some happy, funny, cute and best quotes below.

the greatest gift i ever had
came from god
i call him…dad

God does not send you alone to this earth. He sends few valuable gifts as well. Among them, the most valuable one is Dad.

a daughter may outgrow your lap,
but she will never outgrow your heart.

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A daughter may not fit on the lap of her father as she grows day by day. But, she always remain the same in the heart of her daddy.

dear daddy, i may find a prince one day,
but, you will always be my king.

Every daughter will find her prince someday in her life. That does not mean that she left with no King. Her father is always the King to her.

a father hold his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever.

Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter :

my heart belongs to my daddy. i know that i don’t say it enough, but thanks dad for everything that you do.
Happy fathers day !

A daughter may not say every time, but she really mean every time that her heart belongs to her daddy.

thanks daddy for doing everything that makes me look up to you

Dad always makes things for you so that you always have a gratitude towards him.

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in my thoughts, in my heart, in every part of my life, you are always with me dad and always will be.
happy fathers day.

A father is always in the thoughts, heart and every action of a daughter.

Fathers day quotes from Daughter in English :

you showed me the first love,
seen me growing,
from my mom’s womb until i stood on myself.
you are so sweet daddy..
happy fathers day to you !

It is father who introduces love, it is he who sees his daughter’s achievements. And so he is a sweet person.

daddy, did i ever tell you
you’re my hero !

A father is always a daughter’s hero.

dad, thanks for always helping me out financially so i can focus on being an independent woman.
happy fathers day !

A dad always makes sure that his daughter has enough money for her needs. He makes sure that she can support herself like the way she needed.

Happy fathers day quotes from Daughter :

there is no bond like the one between a child and a father.
i feel so lucky to have such an amazing dad.
i love you.
happy father’s day !

The world may not have seen a bond like the one between a daughter and a father. It is very beautiful !

my father is my teacher.
but most importantly, he is the greatest dad.

A father is the first teacher for her daughter. That makes him great.

i am a princess not because i have a prince.
but because, my father is a king.

A daughter is always the princess of his dad.

Fathers day quotes from daughter in Hindi :

हर बेटी के भाग्य में पिता होता है
पर हर पिता के भाग्य में जिंदिगी बर बेटी नहीं होती
हैप्पी  फथेर्स  डे

Every daughter has a father in her life. But every father does not have daughter with him till his last breath. She has to leave him in the middle.

बाप और बेटी में एक बात कॉमन होती है
दोनों को अपनी गुड़िया से बहुत प्यार होता है