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Checkout these sweet good morning SMS in English and Love. Find good morning messages for friends and girlfriend. Also discover some funny ways to say good morning.

life is too short to spend the time with people who suck the happiness out of you. good morning!

enjoy every moment in your life. today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow ‘s beautiful memories. good morning. enjoy the day…

every morning, just create a beautiful atmosphere by your pleasant smile. good morning!

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life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.

life is short. time is fast. no replay, no rewind. so enjoy every moment as it comes.

i am sending you lots of hugs and kisses wrapped in the warmth of love to say ‘good morning.’ may you have a wonderful day !

once you accept someone for what they really are, they’ll really surprise you by being better than you ever expected. good morning!

Good Morning Msg :

if you think positively, sound becomes music, movement becomes dance, smile becomes laughter, mind becomes meditation and life becomes a celebration… good morning!

you never know which footstep will bring a good twist in life. so keep on walking!!! happiness comes when it is most unexpected! have a very beautiful day!

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feel the pleasure of life in every second. never be angry or sad, because every 1 min of our sadness u loss 60 seconds of happiness…. keep smiling … good morning.

let the sun rays that fall upon each morning remind you that someone thinks about you in a very loving and warm way when they wake up good morning.

god’s greatest blessing is waking you up. that’s how marvellous he is, that’s how he shows his love.

Good Morning sms for Love :

may this lovely morning brings a new fragrance of romance in your life and fills your heart with love. good morning!!

good morning, love! the sun shining brightly doesn’t matter. my day starts only when you have texted me back!

i love the morning, because it gives me another day to meet and love you immensely…good morning darling!!!!

i just woke up and you’re already on my mind. how do you do it?

morning are beautiful, because it starts with your love that stays with me all day long. good morning!

Good Morning sms English :

our hopes and dreams should be like hair and nails. no matter how many times they get cut, but they never stop growing.good morning!

the best part of the morning is knowing that someone is waiting for you to wake up!

people will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. but how strong you stand is what makes you…

if have to wish you something, i would like to say…. have a very nice day.

happiness doesn’t obey the laws of mathematics. when you start dividing it among others, it actually multiplies. good morning!