Good Night Quotes for Boyfriend – Sweet , Cute, Romantic, Sayings

Checkout these sweet and romantic good night quotes for boyfriend in English. Also find some cute messages to send to your boyfriend while hes sleeping.

i am sitting on a cloud of memories and watching the moonlight dance on the dream roads, saying goodnight to you.

thank of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow! good night!

goodnight, my prince,my love, my everything.sleep well and dream of your princess.

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the thoughts of how much i love you are keeping me awake longer and longer each night.

the only difference between a good day and bad day is your attitude .

if someone asked me to describe you in just words, i’d say. simply amazing.

i know it’s not true, but my heart still believes that the moon shines for just me and you good night.

Cute Good Night Quotes For Boyfriend :

this message has the following attachments -the sweetest kiss and cosiest hug,the cutest cuddle and warmest snuggle. good night.

during the day, i keep myself busy and sometimes, time passes. but at night, i really miss you.

when you get in a fight with her and she starts crying, just stop and hold her.

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the ever last person you think about right before you fall asleep,that’s who your heart belongs to.

i don’t want a perfect boyfriend.i just want someone to act silly with, someone  who treat me well and loves being with me more than anything.

 Sweet Good Night Quotes For Boyfriend :

i know that you are the one, because when we’re apart, i feel incomplete. i never want to be without you. goodnight.

in my dreams.. i am in a different world ..i take you in my arms..i kiss you every moment.

good night my super friend, i am missing you so much. all the sweet talks we have, all that is too much. wish you have a lovely night, wish you a good night!

dwell on the beauty of the the stars, and see yourself running with them.

i was smiling all night long because, i was dreaming about you. this morning too, is drenched  with our love’s dreamy hues.

Goodnight Sayings To Your Boyfriend :

you are  the reason why i have sleepless nights. you are the reason why i tend to hold my pillow tight and you are the reason i can’t sleep without saying goodnight.

really want to spank my boyfriend.he never texts to say good night even though i’ve said it’s important to me.

may you have a blessed sleep with the sweetest dreams.

saying good night is not just wishing a good night to you. it means that i always remember you before i go to sleep. i love you. good night my sweetheart.

you prove to me more each day why i should love you. i’m going to spend every day, giving you reason to love me.