Good Night SMS – Love, Romantic, Girlfriend, Best Friends, Wife, Funny

 Good Night SMS for best Friends :

friendship is: a little more trust,a little more sacrifice, a little more sharing, and a little more caring !love you, my dear friend!

when i pray in the night, i count you in my prayers, there are people of all types, but you are too sweet and rear, only specially for you , wish you a lovely night. good night!

don’t lose hope, you never know what tomorrow will bring.good night sweet dreams.

good night my sweet friends…wishing a lovely night to a lovely person, may you sleep n fall from ur bed tonight, because how u forget to wish me…good night!

sometimes me think, ‘what is friend ?’ and then me say, “friend is someone to share the last cookie with.

Good Night SMS Funny :

night is a theatre; dream is a movie; god is the director; nature is the producer; and you are the hero. enjoy the night with sweet dreams !

aww, i love getting cute good night texts from no one

since your eyes are looking tired… let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours happy journey into the world of dreams..good night!

Good Night SMS in English :

another day is over. it’s nice to know that there’s someone who make my day fulfilled and fun thank you for the inspiration. i m sending my warm hugs and kisses as i wish my sweetest goodnight for you.

always listen to your heart … it’s on your left side, but it’s always right !good night…

if someone wishes you goodnight every  day. you’re happier than so many people.

Sweet Good Night SMS:

whether my day at work is good, bad or worst, i always look forward to the night because you quench my heart and soul’s thirst.good night.

“night” is a good time to remember all the sweet thing and all sweet persons in your “life so sleep well with  your “sweet memories”!

close you eyes in the black night. store sweet and beautiful memories .in your heart.

some where out there beneath the pale moon light someone think in of u some where out there where dreams true… goodnight ans sweet dreams to you.