Good thoughts in English – Students, Friends, kids, Life

Checkout these Good thoughts in English for students, friends and kids along with images. We have also included some good thoughts about love and Life.

Also find some good thoughts in English by Swami Vivekananda.

Don’t say
There is still time
Maybe next time
Because, there is also
the concept of
It’s too late

Here, the author says to do things on time and warning us that things can go beyond our hand if we don’t act on time.

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Life asked death,
“Why do people love me
but hate you ? ”
Death responded,
“Because you are a
Beautiful lie
And i am a
Painful truth “

One day, life has asked death the reason why people love it. Death knows the answer and responded to life that though it looks fantastic to live, one day everybody has to fall down and its the truth.

I fall, I Rise,
And I make mistakes, I live,
I learn, I’ve been hurt,
I am alive. I’m human,
know that I’m not perfect but
I’m thankful

It is okay to make mistakes in life and learn from those. Because, none of us are perfect in everything.

Short Good thoughts in English :

Think big thoughts
but relish small pleasures.

Here, the author suggests that there is no problem in having big thoughts in our mind. But we must seek great enjoyment from small pleasures.

One small Positive thought
in the morning can change
your whole day

We must start our day with positive thoughts. One small thought which is positive can have a major impact on us for the whole day.

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Follow your heart
but take your brain
with you

Decisions made through heart are always best. But it is also important to think logically to a certain extent. Hence, we must also take our brain into consideration while making any decision with our heart.

Good thoughts in English in one line :

Live as if you die today

Only those people know the value of life who know that they live only for a short period of time. They have huge thoughts running in their mind to do but cannot do all those in their limited time. Hence, we must take the maximum advantage of our precious time and live each moment as if today is our last day.

Be a fountain. Not a drain

We must always try our best to rise in every aspect of our life like a fountain. We should not get drained ourselves by feeling disappointed everytime.

Happiness is a journey not a destination

Our happiness lies in what we believe in. Hence, it is a journey and does not have any stop.

Good thought in English for students :

Lucky means who gets the opportunity
Brilliant means who create the opportunity
Winner means who use the opportunity
Be a winner always.

A winner does not get or create an opportunity. But he uses every opportunity and converts it into his success.

Mistakes are proof
that you are trying

If a student makes mistakes, then it means that he has started and trying to achieve the goal.