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Checkout these famous and Best Love Quotes for her from the heart in English. Also find some sweet love quotes for your girlfriend.

my mind wanders and i get lost in thoughts of you.

they asked him “how’s your life?” he smiled and answered “she is fine.”

the truth? like you. a lot.  you make me happy. you make me laugh. you’re  smart. you’re different. you’re little crazy and awkward, and your smile alone can make my day.

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Romantic quotes for her from the heart

thank you for being, the way you are, you  are perfect in every way and i love you  fore being this way. i love you.

i just want  to thank you for being  my reason to look forward to the next day.

in case you ever foolishly forget: i am never not thinking of you.

love isn’t something you find. love is  something that find you.

Best love quotes for her ever :

to love is nothing. to be loved  is something. but to be loved by the person you love is everything and the best feeling ever.

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Love quotes for her from the heart in English

i don’t care if we talk about  absolutely nothing, i just want to talk to you.

i re-read ever single CONVERSATION  we ever have over text.

touch  her heart not her body steal her attention not her virginity make her smile don’t waste her tears.

you  are the love that came without warning; you had my heart before i could say no.

Best love quotes for her in English :

missing you is my hobby; caring for you is my job; making you happy is my duty; and loving you is my life!

no matter how bad your heart is broken, the world doesn’t stop for your grief.

the best feeling in the world is. when you look at that special person  and they are already smiling at you.

you came like the night thief. bloomed in my heart  like  the red rose  and i want you to light up my life like the morning  sun.

woman love genuine and sincere men. always be honest with a woman and don’t  fabricate anything to impress  her. woman value honesty and truthfulness in a   relationship. you can win her heart by being genuine rather than being fake.

Best love quotes for her birthday :

you still look so hot after all the years we have been together . i cannot imagine a more  beautiful wife.

for the woman who stole my heart for the woman  who shown me what is love, for the woman  who  has given  me confidence.

i pray god to give me the ability to keep my sweetheart  always  happy, sending countless  kisses and hugs to decorate your birthday  with my love.

happy birthday to the love of my life! you deserve all the best that life could bring. i wish you happiness, success and good health!

darling , i bought you a little something to celebrate your birthday. will you become mine on this special day? it might seem rushed,but know in my heart it is all i think about. you will make me the happiest man on earth if you say yes to my birthday gift to  you.