Romantic Good Night Quotes – Her, Him, Husband, Boyfriend

Checkout these cute, sweet and Romantic Good Night Quotes for him and her. Also find some good night messages for boyfriend and girlfriend.

i’m in my bed,you’re in your bed. one of us is in the wrong place.

last night, i sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping. he come back early, so i asked him why ? he said that angels don’t watch over other angels.

it’s big,it’s warm, it’s fuzzy. before you get ideas, it’s a big good night hug from me to you.

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always kiss me. good night.

if there is anything i do for you when you are away, then it is to think about you, dream about you and miss you badly.

the moon that shines bright in dark, that twinkling of stars and pleasant spark, as i wish you have a lovely night, with peace in your heart and peace at sight, a very peaceful good night. do sleep tight.

Good night messages for lovers :

you are one of the reasons why my day was awesome. thank you for being there. good night. sleep tight.

good night and if you dream of me, remember i like it rough.

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night is a precious time given by god to us where we could see our dreams accomplished with closed eyes.

one year ago, you kissed me good night for the first time. happy first anniversary, baby.

good night. i love you honey.

good night, my love. know that you are my everything and i love you from the depths of my hearts. sweet dreams.

Sweet Romantic good night quotes for her :

you are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart. good night.

can a candle burn without heat ? can the moon shine without light ? same is the feeling my dear. can’t sleep without you tonight because, i am so missing you. i love you. good night.

as she lay her head upon his chest, his heart beat to a tune that soothed her soul.

everyday, i love you more than yesterday. good night my love.

one day i wish my dream would come true and i would wake up next to you. till then good night.

i like the way you make me feel even when you’re nowhere near.

Cute Romantic good night quotes for him :

good night, sweet dreams and sleep tight till morning light.

you make my heart smile. good night.

i like night time things. wolves, moon, auroras, art, music, firelight and mystery.

you are the first person who has been able to make my heart beat slower and faster at the same time. good night.

leaning on you, holding your arms, looking in your eyes, succumbing to your charms, whispering in your ears, giving you a kiss, hugging you tight. good night baby.