Sad Status – English, Love, Life, Girls, Breakup, Whatsapp, Facebook

Sad Status about Life :

life hurts a lot more than death.

it sucks, doesn’t it? feeling like you’re not good enough.

the hardest moment in life isn’t when you’re sad and tears come out of your eyes, but it’s when you’re sad and you’re forced to smile.

i’m hiding what i’m feeling but i’m tired of holding this inside my head.

i did not see any major issues other than the jury substitutions. i can’t know whether there’s a problem there, until i read the transcript from the in – chambers conference, when those jurors were excused.

Sad Status for Whatsapp in English :

when you are happy,you enjoy the music, but when you are sad,you understand the lyrics.

leaving me was not your mistake, but giving you my unconditional love was my biggest mistake.

sometimes, you need to run away just to see who will follow you alone.

Sad status for Facebook :

some people think i’m in depression. but i’m just realist in a depressing world.

what i didn’t say: once you start down the slippery slope of depression, it’s hard to climb off of it. and sometimes you don’t want to climb off of it.

you made me feel like you really love me. and than you just left like nothing ever mattered.

we don’t meet people by accident they are meant to cross our path for a reason.

Sad status for Girls :

don’t try and perfect yourself for one person. wait for the one who loves your imperfections.

sometimes, to be free, you have to let go.

sometimes, i wish someone out there will find me. till then, i walk alone.

ever girl has a own cinderella story, a prince charming she always dreams of keeps waiting for.