Thought of the day in English for School Assembly, Success, Students

Thought of the day in English : In this post, we will look at quotes for students, success, school assembly and Education along with meaning.

We will also take a look at some of the best thoughts in one line.

Do not allow yourself to wake up
with yesterday’s issues troubling your mind.
Refuse to live backwards.
See everyday as a New Chapter.

It is always a great thought to forget all our troubles till date and proceed with a new life. It will have a huge impact on our daily lives.

Take Risks in your life.
If you win, you will lead.
If you loose, you can guide.

This thought of the day is taken from the book of Swami Vivekananda. He tells the importance of moving forward and taking risk in life.There is no loss for us in any way. If we succeed, then we can advance further in life. And if we don’t, then we can guide others about the experience.

Don’t make excuses.
Make improvements.

Excuses in life lead to nothing where as improvements help us in the advancement of our life.

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Thought of the day in English for School assembly:

Don’t waste a good mistake.
Learn from it.

A good mistake will teach us a lot. A student must analyze it and take it as an advantage for future.

Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.

Education is sharing of great knowledge about a specific subject which will help the students even to change the world.

Logic will get you from A to Z.
But imagination will get you everywhere.

There is always a limit to the logic. You learn and then apply it. Then, it’s finished. But, there is no such limits to student imagination. He can think beyond the logic. Students must remind the great scientists who made great logic with their great imagination.

I alone cannot change the world,
but i can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.

This is a famous quote from Mother Teresa. Though she made limited contribution to the human, she had left an immense effect on the whole humanity like the ripples in water made by a stone.

Thought of the day in English on success :

Only those who attempt the absurd
can achieve the impossible.

People who think and do logical things are limited in knowledge. There is nothing new and special in doing so. Where as people who go and do absurd things will get the impossible.

Success with negative attitude
is called Luck.
Success with positive attitude
is called Achievement.

It does not matter how much success you achieve in life with negative attitude. It is always called Luck. But when you make success with a positive attitude, it is truly an achievement.

To succeed in your mission,
you must have a single minded
devotion towards your goal

Distraction makes our time go in vain and diverts us from our success. Hence, one must be single minded towards their goal.

Thoughts of the day in English in one line :

One must be a student before can be a teacher

Rome was not built in a single day and so the concept applies to any person who wants to become a teacher in a respective field. He must first be a student.

You have to dream before they come true

To dream is the starting point for the journey of success.