Thoughts in English – Swami vivekananda, Love, Friendship

Great education thoughts in English :

Intelligence plus character –
that is the goal of true education.

Intelligence without having good character is a waste. Hence, we must have both.

Children must be taught how to think.
Not what to think.

Good Morning thoughts in English :

Sun glows for a day,
candle for an hour,
matchstick for a minute,
but a good day can glow forever.
So, start your day with a smile.

Beginning our day with a smile on our face can change our whole day. Hence, it is recommended to always start our day with a great smile.

Good thoughts in English in one line :

Surround yourself with inspiring beings.

It is a known fact that we receive that energy that we are surrounded. So, it is recommended that we are surround by inspiring people.

New thoughts in English :

Great dreams of great dreamers are
always transcended.

Whatever people does with their limited mind is always limited. Whereas, great humans have everything transcended for them, even their dreams.

Good thoughts in English for students :

The aim of education is not knowledge but action

There is no use if you have knowledge and do no action. They must go hand in hand.

Beautiful thoughts in English by APJ Abdul Kalam :

One best book is equal to
hundred good friends.
But, one good friend is equal to
a library.

From this quote, we can guess the importance of having a single book.

Positive thoughts in English :

The bad news is time flies.
The good news is you are the pilot.

Like a pilot, you have the great opportunity to control the time intelligently.

Inspirational thoughts in English :

The problem with the world is
intelligent people are full of doubts.
while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

Gandhi and Mother Teresa thoughts in English :

You must be the change
you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi opines that for anything that we want in the outside world, we must be that first.

Kind words are easy to speak.
But their echos are truly endless.

Mother Teresa opines that our kind words are like endless echos.